Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing

Web Portals & Offline

Real Estate Marketing

Advertising through web portals is the most important source of customers. According to our studies, over 60% of those who buy later contact developers through specialized sites.

Starting with 2005, over the 14 years of activity, we have created and perfected a system exclusively dedicated to the promotion of residential developments, both on-line and off-line. We identify optimal channels of promotion and set the stage for the promotion process. Creating for each portal the project presentation page, designing and publishing the sales announcements for each type of unit, updating and withdrawing (if applicable) in real-time the advertisements promoted.

We always keep in mind the creation of relevant content for potential buyers.


Our Working Process



  • We analyze the specificity of each project, and according to the particularities of each one, we establish the promotion channels where the assembly will be promoted so that the visibility will be maximum.
  • We identify and establish the ways in which the promotion will be carried out as well as the stage of the process, considering the creation of relevant content for clients.
  • We optimize the budget allocated to online / out-door advertising, taking into account the desired degree of visibility / competition.
  • We define the promotion strategy for each channel, both for sites with exclusive real estate specificity and for generalist portals.


  • Create content presentation page real estate / portal
  • Creating content ads for each type of unit.
  • The promotion, by rotation, if necessary, of all types of units depending on the areas where they will be promoted.
  • Content management ads
  • Periodic update of announcements
  • Create web banner content

Offline campaigns

Outdoor print

  • Creating graphics for street advertising, if it is found to be a relevant channel.
  • Coordination of out-door advertising campaigns: negotiation with suppliers, duration, exposure level, etc.

Real estate fairs and events

  • Preparation of the physical and digital materials necessary for the presentation at the fairs
  • Print - banners, flyers, brochures, pens, business cards
Offline campaigns
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