Branding and Identity

Branding and Identity

Develop basic elements for visual identity

Branding and Identity

To be successful, every residential development needs to create and promote a strong brand based on the greatest benefits it offers, focusing on the factors that differentiate it from the rest of the market.

In order to create a brand in the real estate market you have to establish a visual and communication strategy that is unitary across all channels (print, digital, street, and portals).


Our Working Process


Social Activity

We offer consultancy on setting strategic goals, business and competition analysis in order to establish target audience, core values and define the general concept for marketing.

Social Activity

Visual identity

We build the visual identity of the brand by defining the creative theme for the visual identity, proposals for the logo, slogan and establishing the defining visual elements for the brand: colors, fonts and other design components.

  • Name
  • Logo
  • Catch phrase
Visual identity

Print materials

  • Location banner with presentation images
  • Street advertising banner
  • Descriptive brochure of project - PDF version
  • Descriptive brochure of project - print version
  • Brief presentation flyer - event support
  • Design A4 map for documents
  • Business cards design
  • Document header
Print materials
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